Jess Ray has a song called, “Deserve.” Her lyrics go like this I don’t treat you as you deserve You don’t treat me as I deserve I hear this as child calling out to God, regretting how she doesn’t treat her Father with appropriate reverence and awe. The second line — I kept thinking it was […]

Things won’t always be the same as they are now. I find this comforting when in a season of upheaval. For example, I used to hate driving (and don’t get me started on parking!). I started off taking the bus to work before driving on local streets. I didn’t learn to drive the freeway until […]

After bouts of high winds, my goji plant seemed to be dry, dead twigs. The leaves had all blown away in the wind and there was no more sign of life. I stopped going into the backyard to check on it. When I saw it again in early February (this is a picture from Feb. […]

Sometimes I don’t speak up out of deference or fear. I am slow to speak because I choose to seek common ground, to understand. Or maybe it’s because I’m afraid of being misunderstood, or worse, of being understood and judged. Sometimes it’s just not the time or place. What they don’t tell you is that speaking up RENEWS your hope. […]

I haven’t blogged for a while, so maybe I’ll ease back with a food post. Need lunch ideas? Salads have endless permutations. I’ve tried Trader Joe’s Just Chicken (not a fan), grilled chicken, chicken nuggets, and breaded tenderloin breasts for protein. In the top right, I’m using leftover chicken teriyaki from a restaurant. In the […]

The other day I was driving to a restaurant I’d been to once before. I felt confident I knew where it was located. I ended up circling the nearby streets for at least twenty minutes. “Was it one street up? Or one down?” If you drew my trip on a map it’d have looked like […]

Audrey Assad – Good To Me

I’m convinced that he who sees the farthest, wins. It’s not over until He says it’s over. Don’t give up. At the risk of being emo, I made a pact with myself to show up to life every day, even if I don’t think I can face the day. At the very least, show up. […]

I keep thinking there’s a post in me somewhere, but part of the problem is the “sometime.” It takes time for me to process all that’s been absorbed before I can spit it out, er, I mean, craft a blog post in response. First things first. It’s neither the end or beginning of a month […]

I found an old American Girl magazine during our last move. One blurb mentioned an easy way to repurpose discarded cereal boxes to store magazines. I happened to have a lot of DJ (Discipleship Journal) issues that, up until then, were kept in one of those plastic three-tiered wheely carts. Needless to say, the pile […]