The best news to the Christian begins with, “But God…” In Acts 26, Paul tells the arc of his story beginning as a Pharisee of the Pharisee (meaning he was well-versed in the law) but GOD interrupted his murderous persecution of Christians when He appeared to Paul in blinding light. Paul’s life changed 180 degrees […]

A previous BSF group leader shared how prayer is essentially a posture of dependence. Just as the Israelites were dependent on God to provide their daily manna, she asks for Joy every morning. I may think God’s watching and shaking His head, “You’re coming to me for this… again??” but nothing could be further from […]

Last week, I was so encouraged by a friend who shared her God sightings as she takes care of a two-year-old and a newborn. Idea of laying down the “I-will-try-hard-and-make-this-work” mentality and trusting that God who provided in the past will provide in the future. Idea of not one, but two, cribs being an expression […]

Our actions flow from our thoughts and it matters greatly the stories we tell ourselves. It’s like when Joshua and the Israelites crossed the Jordan River and they took stones from the middle of the River, standing stones, so that everyone who saw would be reminded of God’s mighty and providential hand. We can be […]

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As I was driving home late last night, my thoughts were with the wedding I had just attended, and I thought of something the bride had said earlier that morning, “(Of her groom) You gave me a reason to stop running away, and something to run to.” Sometimes we look to…

My third grade teacher had us follow current events in the newspaper and report on what we read asking, “Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How?” Then we had to use our critical thinking skills to ask a relevant follow-up question. The 5 W’s and 1 H is helpful in sizing up any real life […]

Scott Sauls has it right: If people get to know us, if the real truth about us is exposed, surely no one—not even God—will love or desire us. If we let our guards down, we will surely be found out, abandoned, and forgotten. THESE ARE LIES. LIES!!! There’s a song, “Known” by Tauren Wells which is […]

I link to verses, authors, and artists, where possible, to cite sources. These are truths to go back to, truths that I need to hear on most days. Each idea is a blog post on its own but I purposely kept it short and to the point. Together they form a foundation to build upon, […]

Give me a strong emotion and I’ll give you a blog post. This is not one of those times. Well, maybe. I need to get stuff off my chest. This week, I’ve been elated and angry, distraught and perplexed. But there is no mystery in this truth: And if not He is still good. Did […]

I have anxiety, worry, doubt, fear a LOT of the time. For example, I go through times where I obsess over a single interaction in my day or can’t shut my mind down to sleep because of what I anticipate for tomorrow. One thing I do that’s helpful is to leave it alone. Full stop. […]