I’ve heard it before that it’s easy to view our Heavenly Father through the lens of who our earthly fathers have been to us. Maybe Dad was never there and so is God, inaccessible and distant. Maybe Dad was a militant perfectionist and so is God, ready to strike when you do wrong. For me, […]

I’m reading S.H.A.P.E. by Erik Rees and in the section on how personality (the “P”) informs our purpose in life, he writes, “God didn’t create other people to please you – and he didn’t create you to please them. He made us to please him” (84). It’s true I wouldn’t like it if everyone were […]

“The Robin and the Sparrow”Said the robin to the sparrow,“I should really like to know,Why these anxious human beingsRush about and worry so.”Said the sparrow to the robin,“Friend I think that it must be,That they have no Heavenly Father,Such as cares for you and me.” Elizabeth Cheney A bird has made a nest for at […]

God, if I’ve done something wrong, let me know. If I’ve not, I let it go.

His point is that I am not to water down the commands of Scripture, but when I hear “Rejoice always,” or “Give cheerfully,” I recognize my inability to do so perfectly, then look to Jesus for help. Who of us can be joyful all the time? Or “be completely humble”? The first step is saying, […]

Prayer is a privilege. It allows us to participate in God’s work. He’s working even if we don’t pray. But He loves to hear His children pray. Of course he knows what’s on our hearts and minds, but our Father delights to hear it from us. He wants us to draw near to Him. Prayer […]

“Action is the antidote to despair.” – Joan Baez This was the quote I chose for my Facebook page shortly after graduation and entering the workforce. I was learning how to drive, down Lassen and Woodman, daily trips through the Valley grid. It was a new and different time for me then, as is now. […]

today has been a mellow and meaningful day. the day started off at 9:30, when my alarm woke me, but if it had been yesterday, it would really have been 10:30.  chi was still asleep, so i stayed in bed for a while before i decided to get up.  ate a bagel with cream cheese […]

I sat in the car a long time. There was a bee on my windshield. I assumed it was dying. Bees are known for their diligence, but this bee wasn’t abuzz with activity; except for some imperceptible motions of its antennae? Probiscus? I don’t know the word. It hardly moved. I started driving. It clung […]

The Bible point was, “God is everywhere… so we look for Him around us.” I told my Sunday school kids about my God sighting earlier that week: I was purchasing books online when I considered adding Knowing God by JI Packer to the cart — then decided against it because I should really finish the […]