Monthly Archives: July 2013

Phase 1 Hand-wringing frettingAll the world’s a storm, upsetting and leaving your stomach churning Phase 2 Giving it up to God — and wanting to curl up and find refuge somewhereTo hide and to find elusive rest somewhere Phase 3 Knowing the God I serve is bigger than I knowAnd loves me more than I […]

Ye ol’ tomato plant

Yesterday as I went to sleep, I regretted the words I didn’t say and the chances I let go past, and in my wallowing, I pitied myself for the people I wanted to be more like but knew I would never be. The verse popped into mind, to “be changed by the renewing of your […]

I liked the House. We rented, so it

I liked the House. We rented, so it wasn’t really “ours.” I felt it didn’t let a lot of light in. Its layout wasn’t particularly sensible, not with a wall partially dividing the living room space. We never used the fireplace, so one year the bees took over until we drove them away. But there […]

Just heard Dia Frampton’s ‘Inventing Shadows.’ She sings,

Just heard Dia Frampton’s ‘Inventing Shadows.’ She sings, “No, you’re never quite happy where you are with all that you are.” Moving from NYC to So. California–a life event I can’t stop mentioning though it happened 8 years ago–caused me to doubt everything I had ever known. It was a leap from security to “Anything […]