Phase 1

Hand-wringing fretting
All the world’s a storm, upsetting and leaving your stomach churning

Phase 2

Giving it up to God — and wanting to curl up and find refuge somewhere
To hide and to find elusive rest somewhere

Phase 3

Knowing the God I serve is bigger than I know
And loves me more than I can know
Ready to bless others with this knowledge

I’m currently at a tenuous Phase 2. I want to be resting in Him, but at the drop of a hat I’m ready to run back to Phase 1 — as if that would keep me safe. I can’t wait to be at Phase 3, when I’m loved and love. But for right now, I only cling on, I only breathe out, prostrate myself on my knees.. because I am not in control and that’s the most OK thing right now.


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