As I was driving home late last night, my thoughts were with the wedding I had just attended, and I thought of something the bride had said earlier that morning, “(Of her groom) You gave me a reason to stop running away, and something to run to.”

Sometimes we look to circumstances to please ourselves. We judge our self-worth by how we feel. We are hounded by our mistakes. We spend our lives running away from our past or our present, trying to find a safer place to hide.

Still, doubt and fear and temptation fill our hearts. We think judgment, condemnation, and disapproval is at our door. In all our running away, we forget to turn around and take a look at what we are running from.

Because not only does God love us, but He who heals the world has changed our lives forever. We don’t need to be afraid or see shadows at each corner. Take a good look — He who loves the world is chasing after us. Grace is chasing us.

In that moment, giving thanks for a wedding successfully pulled off, a lone set of headlights shone far behind me. I wondered if it would speed up and overtake me or maintain its distance. I wondered who was driving that car. And I knew it was grace chasing me.


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