4 ways in which games resemble life

1. You have limited energy to complete goals. This is true in life, too, as everyone gets 24 hours to complete their day. You have to prioritize how you spend energy. If you waste small amount of minutes here and there, you may get to do some, but not all, of what you wanted to get done.

2. Characters have to finish one goal before moving on to the next, and quests can only be unlocked after a certain level of play. Similarly, things happen sequentially in life, before you can remodel you have to buy a house, before you buy a house you have to save money, before you save money you have to get a job.

3. You won’t be given all the information upfront, you have to figure it out as the game progresses. There may be a number of ways to “beat” a game, and your way may not be the same as someone else’s. Life doesn’t come with an instruction guide, either. It’s for living, and not for perfecting.

4. The hand you are dealt may not be as good, or as bad, as your neighbor’s. In life, everyone’s starting point is different. You can’t wait for things to become “fair” before you act, but you start where you are in your corner of the world and expand your knowledge and increase your responsibilities as you go.


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