Notes from Forgotten God

You can’t have repentance without also yielding to the Holy Spirit, though sometimes we want to have one without the other.

Before Pentecost, baptism was with water, but after and even now, we receive the Holy Spirit when we are baptized.

Don’t be too busy trying to figure out God’s will you forget to be led by the Spirit right now.

In Scripture, the Holy Spirit is a Person – with a mind and a will, someone who can be lied to and can be grieved by our actions.

the church becomes irrelevant when it becomes a human creation – we need the presence and spirit of God

not what he did a few months ago, but what he’s doing now

john 16:14 when we surrender to the spirit, christ is magnified

walk side by side by God, or for Him to indwell? it was to the disciples’ advantage that Jesus leave so the Counselor might come!

we are not expectant and do not live radically different new lives….

He is not a mostly forgotten member of the Godhead whom we occasionally give a nod of recognition to… for some reason we don’t think we need the Holy Spirit! Our expectations can be misguided or self-serving. Given our talent set, experience, and education, many of us are capable of living rather successfully without strength from the Holy Spirit.

where is the change.

can I recount a time of God’s active presence in my life?

like caterpillars to butterflies, a new creation!

difft today than yesterday as the FRUIT becomes more manifest <- john the baptist, produce fruit in keeping with repentance

walk with God ~ Him at the forefront…. with the Holy Spirit in you ~ empowered and enabled

do we believe that god is all he says he is? why don’t we expect more, ask for more, why do we convince ourselves we have all the god we need? do we believe that God gives his spirit to those who ask?

pray confidently for what god has promised..

haha.. the flip side of fearing god not showing up is that he WILL show up! that way, in the end i can say, “i didn’t know…” most of us don’t want to be led by anyone else but ourselves!

the spirit of god is guaranteed to ask you to go somewhere or do something u normally wouldn’t want or choose to do..

ripping and tearing.. yes painful.. to mold us.. because of our sin..

do i want to do His will? if yes, then ask for His presence! release your grip of control and decide to be led, come what may

he spends a lot of time on conservative vs. charismatic views and not to hold on to that and be willing to change your views. not to let our perceptions of others’ perceptions of us to control us. not to “quench” the holy spirit… instead, test everything.. 1 thess 5:21… is it edifying. don’t throw out the good with the bad..  radical versus exegetical

god is not like an egg, a three leaf clover or three forms of water though analogies can be helpful they cannot encapsulate him.. god is incomprehensible.. outside of our ability to categorize him.. cf Isaiah 9:6

the holy spirit is a person, not a force, and calls us into relationship with Him. he is God, not a lesser being. he is an eternal being, not a flighty whimsical thing. our bodies are holy sanctuaries because it is where the Spirit chooses to dwell. the Spirit intercedes on our behalf. the Spirit has emotions and can be grieved. the Spirit gives us gifts as he wills. the Spirit is all-powerful, present everywhere, and all-knowing.

helps us speak when we are in precarious situations and need to bear witness

comforts advises guides

power to be witnesses

to put to death sinful nature

bears witness that we are his children

convicts of sin

brings freedom

the spirit is our sanctifier

it takes faith to believe that God is truly like the Prodigal Son’s father

romans 8:1

forget about “God’s will for my life”, god cares more about what we do today in response to the spirit’s leading than what we plan to do next year

there is no 5-year or 20-year plan that he hands out

[Abraham:Father of Faith – he left, his eyes with an eternal perspective, patient and persevering, walking with God, and responding in faith as he went]

when we meet Jesus we totally change direction, we don’t ask Jesus to join the party that is our life = repentance is to turn

i need to play an active role on the journey towards holiness, freedom.. and sometimes it takes a really long time.. but it takes perseverance

when you are submitted to the authority of the Spirit you are not sinning and vice versa

look at the fruit of your own life and let it be a gauge to you

“i want people to look at my life and know i couldn’t be doing this by my own power… i don’t want to live in a way that makes sense by the world’s standards”

to live in a true transformed way that people praise God in heaven

we have the advantage of the risen Christ and the Spirit in us! pray fervently..

living a life so supernatural no one would think of giving glory to you


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