You know the moment in a movie when the images keep moving but there’s a music-over, notes of a piano begin, and since it’s a drama (one of those sure to be an Oscar-nominee), you know the director of music wants you to know this is the most compelling part of the film, it’s the peak of sadness, it’s when images eclipse one another violently across the screen and there. are. no. words.

I happened to tune into KUSC on my drive home today. It was sunset. On the 5 going South, there was a swatch of raging pink, almost red sky of impending judgment. In two more turns, I was on the 118 going west and there it was, cotton candy pinks and blues interspersed like Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. But this one was covered in melancholy. Franz Liszt’s Love Dream #1 played and I drove seeing but unseeing, cars exiting and entering all around me.. and I felt like I was in the movie that someone else is watching and this was my piano song. The one that comes up signifying the tragedy, the train wreck, the irreversible loss….

Not sure what to say here but, what is it about music that can do that to a person?


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