7 Things I Learned In January

1. I like it when it precipitates in LA. I’m not exactly sure why, but my mood lifts whenever it starts sprinkling or is overcast. I think it adds an air of demureness to a city that is usually unabashed in living life.

2. The job of an escrow officer, from what little I know of it, is appealing to me. They are like the safe zone between two parties; and follow clearly delineated instructions. When all conditions have been met, an exchange is made. It’s got a bit of legal and of tax in it. Like.

3. That metal thing that sticks out of your sink next to your kitchen faucet? It’s called an ‘air gap,’ and water (yes, water!) actually flows out of it in the event of a clog, to prevent dirty water from backwashing into the dishwasher. Shows you how often I run the dishwasher, huh?

4. In newer cars, the computer system will automatically switch off the front passenger airbag if it assumes a child is sitting there. I learned this after putting a ream of paper, a 1 Liter Klean Kanteen, my packed lunch, my purse/bag, and sundry other stuff in the front seat. Just beware of the seat buckle alarm…

5. There’s a small easter egg when you do a search for ‘Youtube Space LA’ in Google Maps and click on the street view man. Keep an eye out for the guy with important stuff to do.

6. La Scala’s Philharmonic orchestra played to an empty house in honor of their musical director who died on Jan. 20th. Speakers to the outside allowed the crowd to listen and pay their respects. Can you imagine the emotion of the musicians?

7. When the ramp to the 405N is closed, I have to take a fwy detour to get to work. For some reason, and because this happens sporadically, I never remember how I found the freeway last time. Every time, I have exited, gotten lost, and found my way to work via a different route. It’s probably funnier in my head than on paper, but I wanted to tell you anyway. I learned that there are so many ways to get lost and be found.


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