Monthly Archives: March 2014

Today is my father’s birthday, a friend moves to D.C., and it’s the first day of spring. Every morning is new, but especially on today, it’s a new year, a new beginning, for my dad. A fresh new chapter opens for my friend as the¬†cherry blossoms start to bloom. And the thawing of winter snow, […]


I realize sometimes my posts don’t say what’s going on in my life though they may be snapshots of how I’m doing. What’s going on in my life * Some water entered the unit through a gable vent when it rained two weeks ago. The property managers for the HOA have not behaved negligently, but […]

Finding it hard to hold on to Truth today, can’t sleep, heart-tired = online at midnight, thinking if I don’t go to bed the morning might not come. Emotions jumbled, mind a tangled mess, i’m both fearful and standing firm, crumbling and full of clarity With God everything is possible. Truth. Even that impossible relationship […]