Finding it hard to hold on to Truth today, can’t sleep, heart-tired = online at midnight, thinking if I don’t go to bed the morning might not come.

Emotions jumbled, mind a tangled mess, i’m both fearful and standing firm, crumbling and full of clarity

With God everything is possible. Truth. Even that impossible relationship that needs healing? Or the impossible situation at work? Yes.

Blessed be the name of the Lord. At all times. Because the Lord knows we are dust… and has compassion on us.

And when we have done everything, to stand. To trust. To ask God to help me to trust in Him. To want to trust. To want to want-to! To see even as God-given. That I am fully in the center of His will, not at the fringes. Knowing that he works in me to will and to act for His good pleasure. Ask, “What do you want me to learn about You from (this)?” (Insert blank, whatever hardship you’re going through)

Don’t give up. Don’t give up. Don’t give up.

Nothing can keep us from the love of Christ. These things are temporary, but we ought to fix our eyes on the eternal.

God, I need your truth to saturate my heart and my mind. I am worried about work tomorrow, the situation with the house, my family, and the commitments I’ve made. I desire a heart that is set on you, with eyes to see clearly that which is unseen. Teach me to be innocent as doves, and shrewd as snakes. Give me your strength, your wisdom and grace. Guard me and keep me from temptation. May you lead me in the path I should go and let me not turn to the right or to the left. May your joy and your peace so fill me and overflow…


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