I realize sometimes my posts don’t say what’s going on in my life though they may be snapshots of how I’m doing.

What’s going on in my life

* Some water entered the unit through a gable vent when it rained two weeks ago. The property managers for the HOA have not behaved negligently, but have been infuriating to deal with as I follow up with them for repairs.

* March Madness indeed as my schedule this month has been as its busiest – the likes of which I haven’t seen since college. I don’t want to overextend myself, though I am glad to be “being more giving” of my time.

* The move, and the house itself, has been an absolute blessing. Everything is clean, too clean, it doesn’t feel like home. In fact, what I considered a step of permanency has caused me to see life as temporary. I think I’m on a trip and staying with a friend, that’s how temporary it feels living here.

* I don’t know how to approach work. I can only go to Matthew 10:16. I have to stop trying to please everyone and work for an audience of One.

So, yeah.


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