Boy, was my face BEET red

I cooked a beet! Three, in fact. Boiled them, rubbed their skins off, and pureed them. I’m starting to think claims of staining may be exaggerated, though I washed my hands often and was extra careful not to let juice get on my clothes.

Here are two ways I used them in recipes,

1) Chocolate Beet Brownies – Recipe here:


I’m not a very good food photographer, but it turned out they’re actually edible (and putting vegetables in desserts is no more icky than say, zucchini bread or carrot cake). They’re tasty in an earthy way. I’ve had to limit myself to four brownies a day. The only change I would make next time is to puree the beets thoroughly; I let some chunks go, but later wished I hadn’t. I modified the recipe measurements since I had 3 beets, but adding water during the pureeing process threw me off, so I probably put in more beets than I needed to…

After baking an entire 10×15 baking sheet of brownies I had leftover beet puree, which I used in..

2) Beet Pancakes


I used Krusteaz. Fun fact: I learned that some bakers use beets to make red velvet baked goods!


  1. Ooo cool! Chocolate beet brownies sounds intriguing… how did the pancakes taste? I usually put beets in salad, they’re yummy 🙂

  2. I should definitely try salad next time! (Stonefire Grill has this salad with beets that I love.) The pancakes were slightly beet-y, but I still needed the maple syrup 🙂

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