Monthly Archives: May 2014

A Rave Review

A while ago, Noisetrade had Christa Wells’ Feed Your Soul album up for free digital download. I was soo psyched, I had to share it on Twitter and Facebook, but the only words I could preface it with were, “Could not be more excited to share this,” because her lyrics and harmonies speak-no! sing- for themselves […]

5 Things I Learned in May

1. I can make chocolate chai tea latte in the comfort of my own home with Trader Joe’s Spicy chai tea latte mix and Nesquik, add some almond milk and all is Good! 2. There is a better way to live than planning, and that is by doing. 3. I found out from Flower Patch […]


“Are you relying entirely on Jesus for your salvation, so that if you died this evening and stood before the bar of God’s judgment and someone said, “Why would you be welcome or why would you be acceptable to God,” you’re able to say, “Actually, myself I’m completely unacceptable to God, but because of all […]

Because I have other things I could be doing, but blogging is what I choose to do instead..

I totally had a zombie dream last night (and must be like the ninth time I’m recalling it) but I just find it funny. Though technically it was a nightmare, it was one where I knew I was the protagonist, so…. #iwin A new song from Christa Wells. It’s a deviation from her usual genre of indie-pop, and this […]

I’m learning when to say yes to things and when to refuse; it’s a very good skill to have. I find when something is big and scares me and yet I know I can’t say no – that’s a good time to say yes. When something comes along and it’s confusing and wondrous, but I’m […]

Ants are not easily squashed. I learned it after finding one crawling on my arm, taking firm hold of it between my index and thumb, and half regretting my action (such power! to just wipe out a life!) and hoping it would still be alive.. letting go and seeing it scramble seemingly unharmed in a […]