Ants are not easily squashed. I learned it after finding one crawling on my arm, taking firm hold of it between my index and thumb, and half regretting my action (such power! to just wipe out a life!) and hoping it would still be alive.. letting go and seeing it scramble seemingly unharmed in a mad circle. I figured I would take it outside since it prevailed, whereupon, uncupping my palm to let it go, I found it cleaning itself, limb by limb, while the warm breeze blew overhead. The audacity that it would make me wait while its antennas and legs moved and its body contorted itself to wash itself clean caused me to laugh. If it had a tiny fist it might I suppose have waved it at me, “Your dirty fingers covered me in human skin oil and grime, gross!” So I waited, ant bathing itself in the palm of my hand, me peering closely and admiring its loveliness, then finally shooing it so that it would find a better place to wander.

One comment

  1. Haha you somehow were able to shine a warm, gentle light on ants… my last impression of ants was that they were like mindless, potentially vicious machines/robots thanks to Animorphs books

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