Because I have other things I could be doing, but blogging is what I choose to do instead..

I totally had a zombie dream last night (and must be like the ninth time I’m recalling it) but I just find it funny. Though technically it was a nightmare, it was one where I knew I was the protagonist, so…. #iwin

A new song from Christa Wells. It’s a deviation from her usual genre of indie-pop, and this time it’s the ambient/electronic sound catching my attention, as opposed to her lyrics. It’s like the dessert I normally wouldn’t order but really hits the spot today.

I have open another tab playing audio from Percy Sledge… I know. I know.

Also, I need to memorize ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen by next week!! Don’t know who Elsa is and why she shoots crystals as she belts it out, but a few dozen of those millions of video views shall be mine D: “It’s funny how some distance makes everything seem small, and the fears that once controlled me, can’t get to me at alllll….”

I feel like I’m asked to go to the polls every other month * groan to another election. I think I’m getting apathetic about voting. It’s just for the primaries anyway.


  1. Haha why do u need to memorize Let It Go? … (you should probably watch the movie first. Might make memorizing easier if u know why she’s singing it ;P )

    1. Apparently people are obsessed with the song, so we’re singing it for Brother’s Appreciation Night *wrinkles nose =P

      1. Hahaha I see… Yea, people are obsessed. I can’t believe they play it on regular radio too, feel like they should play Hakuna Matata too if they’re gonna do that :P…
        (I personally like “For The First Time In Forever” more. And after trying to voice act/karaoke Frozen songs for 2 hrs, I appreciate the song even more :P)

  2. I just listened to it and saw the video! I like FTFTIF! More upbeat 🙂

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