5 Things I Learned in May

1. I can make chocolate chai tea latte in the comfort of my own home with Trader Joe’s Spicy chai tea latte mix and Nesquik, add some almond milk and all is Good!

2. There is a better way to live than planning, and that is by doing.

3. I found out from Flower Patch Farmgirl about an instagram account, humansofny, that posts a daily photo and captions it with a quote. This one gave me pause to reflect.

4. Yes, I can make my grandfather’s drunken chicken dish, theoretically. I learned the recipe, and it is cook a whole tu ji (the Internet seems to want to translate this to ‘country chicken’), let it cool, cut it into pieces, add lotsa salt. Toss. In a pot, use 2:1 ratio Shaoshing wine and water to cover the chicken. It is ready within a day.

5. My cousin plays the drums! Actually this is just an opportunity to share that my uncle accepted Christ. When the pastor visited him in the hospital, he said to my uncle, please come visit church, and you will have a chance to see your son play drums on stage. The Sunday after Mother’s Day, he did, in a wheelchair and all. The pastor invited my cousin onto the stage and the worship team played a special song. The look on my uncle’s face is priceless, proud, amazed, overcome with emotion.

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