Monthly Archives: July 2014

Fun with Bundt

Nigella Lawson’s Banana Chocolate-Chip Tea Cake I’m not sure what makes it a tea cake rather than just a bundt cake, except maybe it ought to be enjoyed in smaller servings, but I found this recipe on nytimes (first published in 2004) and decided to make it for a┬átea party, I put too much buttermilk […]

The Happiest Year

There is no more I need than right now. Present. Fear flees ahead. But eucharisteo always, always precedes the miracle. So give thanks. And only one prayer is needed: enough. The best part about life is what I don’t yet know. It is the open-ended burst of energy, a life lived with a vigor that […]

There is a thing that people do, running, that has long perplexed me. I never liked the annual 3-times-around-the-block run we had to do in JHS. (They timed us.) I took Jogging in college to see if I could surmount the challenge. Finally, I tried to do that couch-to 5k thing, but settled for a […]


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