The Happiest Year

There is no more I need than right now. Present. Fear flees ahead. But eucharisteo always, always precedes the miracle. So give thanks. And only one prayer is needed: enough.

The best part about life is what I don’t yet know. It is the open-ended burst of energy, a life lived with a vigor that carries it right to the end. Be set free.

Open hands and wonder. Eyes up and heart aflutter for what might come next. Emotion swells, breathe in grace and breathe out worship.

For whatever I have not done: what Christ has done. For whatever I have done: what Christ has done. Less, or more, one thing remains: Christ in me.

Steadfastness, be grounded. Yearning, be stirred. There is only security here. O creature before the Creator, create! There is nothing to lose when we’re loved from the start. Make art!

Joy is a habit. Wear it. Pride is fear’s father and pride is the kin to all cowards. But humility receives grace.

Be faithful. Repay the continual debt to love one another. Take sure footsteps in the not knowing, surrendering everything, gaining all.

Many thanks for the borrowed words in this post.


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