Sunshine and smiles

When I was younger, I used to get inspiration all the time to make arts & crafts, the scissor-construction paper-glue type kind. Now I have cardstock, yarn, and even a musical note hole puncher in my toolbox, but I rarely am inspired anymore. Boo and bullfrogs. (Who said that?)

I once made a book after the Jolly Old Postman style, a jigsaw puzzle (cutting it up took a lot of effort, I can say that much), my own storefront, and lots more.

Usually I get my inspiration from a need. Maybe it’s a friend’s birthday and I want to give her something handmade, or I want to get a creative vision out into the world in 3D form. This time, I needed a way to capture my desire to read more plus organize the books on my “To Read” list,


On one side are for the books in my reading queue, and on the other side are my read books. For now, though, they’re all most unread. Hopeful thinking 😉

I made slits in the cardstock so I can flip over or replace book titles as needed. The triangle sits on my desk without taking up too much space.

What is a favorite book you’re reading these days?


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