Monthly Archives: October 2014

Heard on Truth For Life from Alistair Begg today, “Basically, if we’re honest, the whole of our lives is just one gigantic series of tests. There’s something reassuring about that though, isn’t there? Because it gives us an opportunity to think seriously and realistically about the things we and other people are going through, when […]

Laundry, done. Fruit, cut. Check, check check. Czech Republic (when do I get to go there?) I’ve lost my curiosity, I’ve shut off my capability for learning, except in limited amounts. Because I get overwhelmed by how much there is out there to fall in love with. There was a time (college years, as one […]

Some of my cooking exploits!: Chicken noodle soup a la Ree Drummond aka The Pioneer Woman; Banana bread in 8×4 loaf pan; Homemade sauce with tomato paste, water, red bell pepper, celery, parsley and more!; Mozz cheese and ketchup on toast with mushroom topping (this is a variation of the kind of homemade pizza i had while growing […]

Oh man, at what age do you finally learn not to be a perfectionist and not to withhold grace (from yourself or others) and stop trying to thinkplancontrolgovern it all?