Some of my cooking exploits!:

DSC09781 DSC09778 DSC09764 DSC09792 DSC09791 DSC09765

Chicken noodle soup a la Ree Drummond aka The Pioneer Woman; Banana bread in 8×4 loaf pan; Homemade sauce with tomato paste, water, red bell pepper, celery, parsley and more!; Mozz cheese and ketchup on toast with mushroom topping (this is a variation of the kind of homemade pizza i had while growing up); Eggplant, tofu, and ground pork dish; Steamed ground pork with egg (one of the first dishes I asked my mom to teach me how to make).



  1. that pork egg thing looks yummy =]

  2. yea, it’s ground pork (or chicken) with soy sauce, salt, shaohsing wine, egg all mixed up. Then put an egg in the middle and steam in the rice cooker! Mm.. would love to have some now, i’m thinking of what to eat for dinner =)

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