Heard on Truth For Life from Alistair Begg today,

“Basically, if we’re honest, the whole of our lives is just one gigantic series of tests. There’s something reassuring about that though, isn’t there? Because it gives us an opportunity to think seriously and realistically about the things we and other people are going through, when we’re tempted to regard them as intruders instead of, as James says, welcoming them as friends.”

“The Christian life has no simulation. The Christian life is a real time experience all the time every day. You don’t go in a simulator to find out how to deal with your children; you don’t go in a simulator to deal with a sudden loss of a loved one. You don’t go in a simulator to be prepared for whatever it might be that comes your way and hits you like a ton of lead.”

“It is not as we’ve said before that in the absence of trial is the discovery of joy, but rather, that joy, a joy that is an unfathomable joy, may be discovered on account of the trial… The hymn that begins, ‘My God I thank you who has made the world so bright and all of the wonderful things in the earth. I thank you, too, that all my joy is touched with pain; that shadows fall on brightest hours and thorns remain; so that earth’s bliss may be my guide and not my chain.’ You see, the blisses and the encouragements of our earthly journey may chain us to a constant fixation with wanting more and more and more of that affirmation, that approbation, that good time, that safe time, and God in his heavenly wisdom brings into our experience pain in the reality of joy in order that we might become more like His Son.”

Giving thanks, though it may be a struggle for joy, though there may be anguish in the journey.

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