7 Things I Learned in December and in 2014

1. Whipping cream by hand takes at least 10 mins. It’s done by folding as much air as possible into the cream, and not by stirring quickly. You stop once the cream starts forming peaks. I also learned banana pudding is not the same as banana-flavored pudding, but it’s an actual thing with an actual recipe.



2. Before using spray paint you have to vigorously shake the can until the ball inside the can starts making a knocking noise and then a few more minutes for good measure. Otherwise, the spray nozzle will get clogged upon use =( After using it, you have to turn the can upside down and spray until clear gas comes out so that it’s ready for its next use.

3. Handchimes sound good by themselves, but they are hard to hear over the choir and piano.

4. Non-acetone nail polish remover is a no-go for me. It temporarily numbed my fingertips and left the skin cracked and dry.

5. Tendinitis is not fun, but it is treatable with prescription-strength ibuprofen and care.

6. There are people out there who love Sabrina the Teenage Witch like I do! I found two other people, as a matter of fact. Remember when Melissa Joan Hart was on TGIF?

7. I think the calico cat that first won my affection was Seffira, who “worked” on a farm in Michigan. She would walk underneath my hand so I would be obligated to pet her. Her coloring was striking, black and orange and white. When I moved to our new home in February, I found a neighbor had a similarly-colored cat that wandered around the units. That’s also when I learned there was a term for them, calico. Pretty kitty! I would adopt a shelter pet, but alas, I have houseplants =\

Funny aha! moment: everything on my list has to do with hands, whether it’s whisking, pointing, or healing.

Will you share what you learned in December and/or in 2014?

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