Monthly Archives: April 2015

This. Breaking the Cycle of Toxic Thoughts Freedom doesn’t come in making our own choices. Freedom comes by seeking God’s perfect wisdom to choose wisely in every area of our lives.

Don’t wait on the right circumstances to do the right thing. How is it to your credit if you only follow God when it’s convenient? Only when you want, and in ways that you set? If our hard is the absence of a good God, then how can anyone walk in faith? No, follow God always. […]

Another reaches an outstretched hand past the fog and fear to set me on my feet again, the lie nearly suffocating us. “You’ve gone off course,” she says, “and correcting the course will be hard.” Love wraps herself around the wound and weeps while she speaks truth. “Listen to affirmation instead of to self-judgment.” “But..” “You can […]

You will face disappointment. Because there’s no perfection on this side of heaven. Because no matter how well you walk the line, another will be set out for you. There is always another complaint, another look, another sigh of dismissal. The temptation will be to take out your measuring stick – to assure yourself you’re […]

Life is one big series of choices. You make a choice not to be angry. You make a choice not to envy. You make a choice not to be hurt. Make enough of these choices, over time, you are not an angry person. You are not a jealous person. You are not a victim. (To […]

He expects a return. A fruit return. Are you more loving than you used to be? He gave you the Holy Spirit, he gave you the Word of God. He wants to see the likeness of Christ produced in your life and then through your life. Fruit is multiplication. There should be people following Jesus because […]

Now for something completely different

Come quickly, come near! Earwax exited my ear! I’m excited and shouting ’cause ne’er did you (or anyone) see as fantastic a sight as can be It’s icicle-shaped and as long as my arm It keeps going and going and going and going I have so much of it now I ought to make candles with […]

There’s something about seeing a book that once touched you, holding the weight of it in your hand, marveling at the illustrations anew, carrying it for a little while, to put it back in its place and return it where you found it. Some books are like birds: given their freedom, they have more chance […]