Now for something completely different

Come quickly, come near!
Earwax exited my ear!
I’m excited and shouting ’cause ne’er did you (or anyone) see as fantastic a sight as can be
It’s icicle-shaped and as long as my arm
It keeps going
I have so much of it now
I ought to make candles with it
sculpt a modern art piece with it
polish the floors with it
or wax my surfboard with it
What’s that you say?
They’re not the same?
Oh still, I’m excited and shouting:
Come quickly, come near!
Earwax exited my ear!
Best of all,
Now I can hear!

My baby brother isn’t a great playmate
He drools, makes messes
screams and cries
I think I’ll seat him over here
next to my collection of Toys
that Mom threatens to throw out Any day
I’ve got petrified wood
pinstriped hats
one-eyed bobble heads
costume warts
wire clippers
hair fixers
taxidermied raccoons
broken tricycles
flattened frogs
a set of false teeth
nose hair trimmings
state quarters
lace doilies
silly string
single buttons
crusty Playdoh
moldy tennis balls
miniature farm animals
Dad’s old stopwatch
thrice-chewed gum
and an exploding can of Zibblyzobbly gook…
Oh, I know that look, it says I’ve got everything from a to zed!
But now the animals are moving
the teeth are chattering
and the smell is overpowering
Baby brother, it’s time to start running away
and hope she tosses them all to-daaaaay!


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