You will face disappointment.

Because there’s no perfection on this side of heaven.

Because no matter how well you walk the line, another will be set out for you. There is always another complaint, another look, another sigh of dismissal. The temptation will be to take out your measuring stick – to assure yourself you’re not that far off, to point out how others don’t measure up. Don’t fall for the yo-yo of public opinion. Don’t try hard at the wrong things, and not hard enough at the right things.

Because there is only One who is perfect, and He was mocked and scorned while on the earth. He drew a line in the sand that none of us could meet and turned it into a lifeline so we could meet Him. Trust his standard, his line, above all.

Forget about what’s deserved or due you. He who did not deserve pain and suffering walked the hardest path of all. Choose the life-giving, light-affirming step. If you’re walking the hard path now, trust that Jesus will be gentle in teaching you the footing.

When the choice is before you, for life or death, for prosperity or destruction, choose life. It’s not sinners on one side, and saints on the other. The line dividing good and evil goes through the human heart. So we get to choose. We all need Jesus.

Choose life.


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