We’re reading a book on leadership principles based on Nehemiah. It emphasizes his prayer life; he knew to go to God with his plans before acting. One thing that stood out to me early on was when he was a cupbearer in the king’s court. He prayed for a burden God had laid on his heart: to rebuild Jerusalem’s walls. He knew God is the one who changes hearts.

When it pleased the king to send Nehemiah to Jerusalem, he not only gave him the green light, he also sent Nehemiah letters of passage to take along.

“For four months, in the solitude of his prayer closet, Nehemiah had faithfully bombarded the throne of God…. And so Nehemiah had no doubt about the reason for this turn in events.”

How amazing would it be if, when things happened, I would already know it was from God because I had been prayerfully preparing for the very thing?

There’s a song the children’s ministry is learning, it goes something like this, “Our God is a great big God, our God is a great big God, our God is a great big God, and He holds us in His hands!” He does things beyond our imagination, in manners incomprehensible to us. Why don’t I go to Him more often with requests, big or small, letting go of my hard-earned control of life to trust Him instead?

Something was like a sign to me today, but I hadn’t been praying for one. You can be sure I’ll be offering specific petitions regarding it. Who’s to say He wouldn’t grant a sign though not specifically asked for? O God, enlarge my faith!


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