Monthly Archives: September 2015


This week’s children Sunday school lesson is about trusting the God who is like a shepherd to us, making us lie down in green pastures and leading us besides still waters. He is a God who is patient with us. I guess this speaks to me because isn’t my moodiness, in a way, a complaint? […]

#preachinggospeltomyself I started the year reading A Hole in our Holiness by Kevin deYoung. Not only because it’s a resource from Alistair Begg, whose recommendations I respect, but because my word for the year was Abide. I wanted to strive towards holiness, and to that end, needed to draw close to God in order to […]

Infusion of hope (losing the battle for joy)

I’m churning out hope from nothing, dishing it up and scarfing it down like a twice-starved man. All my prior decision-making skills are gone to naught. Where is the SONG I SING when I can’t find my voice. Perseverance (what end goal am I holding on for), humbling self to ask for forgiveness (where do […]