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What I Learned in October

6 Things I Learned in October 1. Not only does Sharky’s have hip decor and appealing menu design, the food is tasty and organic. You know how people say they could eat Chipotle every day? Sharky’s is my Chipotle. I love their salsa bar. I’m a new fan! 2. I always thought I wanted a […]

If life worked like matches

So, I had a thought. What if life worked like matches? What if job hunting worked like matches?? Imagine if job hunting worked like matches. Employees would get matched with employers, and vice versa, based on answers to a comprehensive questionnaire on desired benefits, abilities, and goals. Employers would answer questions like “List 4 adjectives […]

People change. (Surprise!)

[Edited] My previous post was based on the assumption that certain things about a person don’t change. Hobbies, career aspirations, and other surface-level traits, though, can and do. This post is about that. (When I refer to “you,” I’m really speaking to myself.) You have to date based on the person, not his habits, interests, […]

How I determine to continue a match

Put simply, I close matches when I’m not excited about the communication. If an email appears in my inbox and says “So-and-so wants to get to know you” and I feel apprehensive, there’s something wrong with that picture. If their profile says their usual activities are white-water rafting, hiking, backpacking, and always being on-the-go, I close […]


You answer a comprehensive personality questionnaire when you sign up in order to get matches. The kind of matches you get are determined by your age/race/habits settings. You determine if an attribute is Not at all important, Somewhat important, or Very important. I’m looking for someone who is a nonsmoker, so I put “Never” for Smoking, […]


One of the rules of etiquette for online dating deals with response time. I tend to think anything within 7-10 days is par for the course. It’s understood that some weeks are busier than others. Another etiquette point is to close matches once you’ve decided not to continue communication, instead of ignoring them. As eHarmony explains, closing a […]

Success stories

I know of at least two happily-married couples who met online. One couple met on plentyoffish. Actually, the guy had stopped logging in because he wasn’t the online type, but she had his phone number and they were able to continue communication that way. The rest is history, as they say! Another couple met through […]


The pros of online dating are outlined here. I’ll wait while you read. Just kidding. I like Joanna Saul’s points about access to a larger dating pool and optimism about the quality of guys out there. If you’re not in school, like me, and the communities you find yourself in lack single men your age, […]


The cons of online dating are that you can’t see the other person face-to-face or take visual cues from their conversation. It’s possible for someone to poorly represent themselves in an online dating profile. I was overwhelmed by the constant stream of new matches announced in my inbox daily; it can be overwhelming to navigate page […]

$ commitment

The other variable I wasn’t sure about was money commitment: free or paid? I started off as a free account. I was not swayed when I got an email on the second day for an 80% discounted subscription. Under a free account, others could see my pictures, though I couldn’t see theirs. I also couldn’t […]