The pros of online dating are outlined here. I’ll wait while you read. Just kidding. I like Joanna Saul’s points about access to a larger dating pool and optimism about the quality of guys out there. If you’re not in school, like me, and the communities you find yourself in lack single men your age, going online helps you see there are a lot of fish in the sea. I’m surprised, not having cultivated strong male friendships, when I read profiles that reveal purity of heart, honesty, and keen self-awareness. So, that is cause for optimism. I also appreciate the structure of eHarmony. Easing into communication works for me, an observer by nature. Finally, I like that it involves writing. It can either be the hardest or easiest thing to do, getting to know someone else and letting them get to know me, but writing makes the process more enjoyable.


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