One of the rules of etiquette for online dating deals with response time. I tend to think anything within 7-10 days is par for the course. It’s understood that some weeks are busier than others. Another etiquette point is to close matches once you’ve decided not to continue communication, instead of ignoring them. As eHarmony explains, closing a match isn’t rude, but a courtesy. Lastly, the set up of online dating is that each person might be communicating with multiple people at a time before exclusivity is established- and that’s OK. “If you immediately exclude all other guys or gals from the moment you have your first lunch date with someone until his or her annoying laugh causes you to bolt two months later, you may have to go through several mini-relationships in a row before you’re done. Just think of the time wasted!” The article where this quote can be found is here.


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