If life worked like matches

So, I had a thought. What if life worked like matches? What if job hunting worked like matches??

Imagine if job hunting worked like matches. Employees would get matched with employers, and vice versa, based on answers to a comprehensive questionnaire on desired benefits, abilities, and goals. Employers would answer questions like “List 4 adjectives present employees would use to describe your company,” and “How does your company approach work-life balance?” while employees would answer questions like, “Your biggest challenge in the workplace has been ___” and “What is your philosophy of work?” Instead of “Do you have kids?” employees would be asked “Have you ever been convicted of a felony?” and instead of “Things you couldn’t live without,” employers would be asked “Things your top management couldn’t live without.” It wouldn’t do away with our current resume-and-interview style of job hunting, but it could be an additional service. (Word of mouth would probably still be the preferred way to land a job.) And if I didn’t feel comfortable with a company’s profile, I would close the match. Easy peasy. But if I saw a B Corporation I liked I might send it a “Thumbs Up!” Just kidding. Would that be over the top?


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