Read this brief resource from the Navigators on Thankfulness. It says that sometimes we don’t give thanks because of pride (I deserve what I have), resentment (I don’t have enough), or mixed-up priorities (like the nine lepers of whom Jesus asked, where are they?)

It’s all too easy to point out the ways in which my reality doesn’t match up with the ideal in my head. I don’t place a premium on setting aside time to reflect on blessings, or thank Him for them. I’m also a perfectionist, one centered on self-effort and self-set standards. I’d say I understand all three reasons.

But today is my reminder to start. Though Thanksgiving as a holiday is right around the corner, thanksgiving as an attitude can be for every day of the year.

Ever heard of acting your way to feeling? We often act out what we’re feeling, but it’s possible to turn that around. Smile and your mood betters.

I’ve heard it said this way, too, that Happiness is a function of how willing you are to be thankful. We choose, light or dark. We’re not at the behest of our circumstances. More so, it comes down to choice.

NYTimes recently published an article, “Choose to Be Grateful. It Will Make You Happier.” Today, Ann Voskamp shares her talk from last fall’s QCommons, Known By Our Gratitude. I get it, I really do. Because I’ve tried it and- it works.

Cognitive training.

Instead of have to, I change it to get to? I get to take it one step at a time. I get to serve others. I get to do make an impact.

Instead of being too busy to be thankful, I start now?

Let all who see, watch how emptiness sings. So we raise holy hands to a holy God and give thanks with whole hearts.

And witness all the light shining brightly,

driving out the dark…


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  1. I need to keep this in mind… it’s hard to be thankful for having a stressful job but at least I have a job, right? And maybe if I can smile, I won’t act out my negative emotions so much

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