So, at 11:00 o’clock at night, I have a thought. Do you ever come across something or someone and think “If I were a(n) _____, I’d be that/them”? Or, “_____ is who/what I’d be, if I were a(n) _____.”? Maybe someone’s expressive logic or train of thought really resonates with your own. This is it, I’ve found where I belong, you think.

But then you have another thought. “But who/what I really would like to be is _____.” Or, “If I were a(n) ______, I’d love to be ______.” This thing or person is a source of inspiration. It would be awesome to be more like them, you think.

For example,

If I were a shape, I’d probably be a one-inch square. But I’d love to be a circle with a triangle cut out of it.

Or, If I were a children’s book author, I’d probably be unsuccessful. But I’d love to be Arnold Lobel.

We often forget to appreciate our strengths and abilities as much as those of the next person, and this isn’t about putting yourself down. It’s stepping securely into your identity of who you are, but being able to praise someone you admire, even if it’s not you.

Say you’re into pop/folk so that’s who you are. But you also admire the way Hayley Williams rocks out. That means you’re free to say, If I were a recording artist, I’d probably be Joy Williams. But I’d love to be Paramore. It’s a celebration of sorts.

Though, comparisons can have a way of offending people.. so, I’ll be keeping my own “I’m ___, but I’d love to be ___” statements to myself.


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