Let’s insert some patriotism into the elections. Have all the presidential candidates sing “This Land Is Your Land” and see which one can bring the audience to tears. The contest won’t be won with singing chops. Hint: it’ll take humility.

^Had that thought late last night before falling asleep. Found out from comments on a youtube video that the song’s been sung. #itmightstillbeagoodidea

To quote Alistair Begg’s recent blog post: “God scatters the proud in the thoughts of their hearts and also brings down the mighty from their thrones.

As you think of voting, consider character, features like humility, integrity, purity, and did I mention humility?

I have grown to love my adopted homeland and, like you, I care deeply about these matters but with you I affirm that providence is a soft pillow and we may lie down in safety knowing that God is in control.”

Yes, God is not fazed…


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