I’m convinced that he who sees the farthest, wins.

It’s not over until He says it’s over. Don’t give up. At the risk of being emo, I made a pact with myself to show up to life every day, even if I don’t think I can face the day. At the very least, show up. Believe you me, mental anguish has a way of shutting down a person. I’ve been there once or twice in the past year alone. But listen to a song, lean on a careful and wise friend, and call upon the Lord. If it means whispering thanks and choosing to count good gifts from the Father in the dead of night when you least feel like it, then do it. And if I dare say it, there’s a mystery in the unknown and as long as you show up, there’s possibility for change. Circumstances can, and do change in miraculous ways.

One step of obedience reaps untold blessing, however hard that step is. Sometimes the hard thing is the right thing, and that’s a good thing.


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