Comfort for the reticent

Sometimes I don’t speak up out of deference or fear. I am slow to speak because I choose to seek common ground, to understand. Or maybe it’s because I’m afraid of being misunderstood, or worse, of being understood and judged. Sometimes it’s just not the time or place. What they don’t tell you is that speaking up RENEWS your hope. The porous outline of self solidifies when you speak. I nod when others speak about what they believe in, but speaking up about my beliefs makes them real to me. Not only does speaking up give me hope, speaking about what I stand for clarifies to others what I DON’T stand for. Guessing only comes in with ambiguity. If my voice is clear and steady for truth, any other label cannot be placed on me. Actions must match words, of course. This is comfort for the reticent, like me: opportunities to speak with actions are plentiful. So, take them!


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