Repost from Easter 2013

After bouts of high winds, my goji plant seemed to be dry, dead twigs. The leaves had all blown away in the wind and there was no more sign of life. I stopped going into the backyard to check on it.


When I saw it again in early February (this is a picture from Feb. 10), it had started budding. Imagine my profound surprise!

My jaw dropped to see this plant –in my mind– come back from the dead.

goji year 2 (1)

This past week had me dreaming about work-related emergencies and other worries. Whether I was sleeping or awake, there I confronted the same worries. Like the presence of a low-humming refrigerator, they were there even though I wasn’t focused on them.

At the time, there was a work situation where I was thinking, “I’m being petty,” or, “I don’t have a right to be mad, yet I’m still upset.” I felt I was a dry withered branch because of my attitude.

But look at what God wants — not perfectionism. Not good enough. Instead, His kindness breathes new life into a dry brittle stick.

I had stopped watering and caring for my goji plant when it appeared there was no hint of green. But still it rained. And come spring, it sprung to life.

What to my eyes is dead and gone, God revives!

goji year 2 (3)

It seems appropriate for today to celebrate new life on Easter. ¤


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