I remember the first time I heard Zach Williams’ song, Chain Breaker. The chorus goes like this,

If you’ve got pain
He’s a pain taker
If you feel lost
He’s a way maker
If you need freedom or saving
He’s a prison-shaking Savior
If you’ve got chains
He’s a chain breaker

It was within a couple days of having heard Katy Perry’s new release, Chained to the Rhythm, a song urging listeners out of passivity and into action. She sings about people like you and me taking steps out of our comfort zones, doing more than just observing or keeping the status quo, for the purpose of setting things right, of fixing things. We should act justly, but we can’t really make everything okay where sin is the problem. Because sin’s got us all in its grip. God is the source of salvation. The chains that bind us in Chained to the Rhythm can only be broken with finality by the Chain Breaker. Our hope comes from without, not from within.


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