Three Things

I have anxiety, worry, doubt, fear a LOT of the time. For example, I go through times where I obsess over a single interaction in my day or can’t shut my mind down to sleep because of what I anticipate for tomorrow.

One thing I do that’s helpful is to leave it alone. Full stop. I decide to focus on doing something else, as an act of faith. Instead of breaking my head, faced with multiple options, I mentally or physically walk away the situation and come back later. This makes a difference because 1) what I was worrying over will often have resolved itself by the time I come back to it, or 2) having removed myself from the situation, I see my next step clearly and am no longer paralyzed by indecision.

The second thing I do is use my imagination. Truth: God can use our missteps for His good. I often think that drab circumstances will remain forever. But things can, and do change, in miraculous ways.

Last of all, I pray for even this. I used to erroneously think that I could go to God for the big stuff, but was responsible for the little stuff as if it would be too small to bug Him with. Like, “God, help this group presentation go well.” “But Christina, the friction within group members is just something you’ll have to work around.” No! I’m learning that I can pray about even this. “God, I pray for good communication within our group.” “If it matters to you, it matters to me.” That’s exactly what God says to us.


  1. Hey Christina! I love your post! It came up right when I was feeling anxious and stressed. Your opening line “I have anxiety, worry, doubt, fear a LOT of the time.” really resonates with me. I miss you and our chats!

    1. Hi Sarah, Thanks for commenting! I hope whatever you were feeling anxious about is in the past now. We should catch up sometime over video call!!

  2. Yes lets do a video chat! I can do Sunday evening, I get off at 7 or Monday evening whenever you get off.

    1. Let’s do Sunday! I’ll look for you on Google Hangouts/gchat 🙂


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