Monthly Archives: August 2019

But God…

The best news to the Christian begins with, “But God…” In Acts 26, Paul tells the arc of his story beginning as a Pharisee of the Pharisee (meaning he was well-versed in the law) but GOD interrupted his murderous persecution of Christians when He appeared to Paul in blinding light. Paul’s life changed 180 degrees […]

Posture of dependence

A previous BSF group leader shared how prayer is essentially a posture of dependence. Just as the Israelites were dependent on God to provide their daily manna, she asks for Joy every morning. I may think God’s watching and shaking His head, “You’re coming to me for this… again??” but nothing could be further from […]

Standing Stone 1

Last week, I was so encouraged by a friend who shared her God sightings as she takes care of a two-year-old and a newborn. Idea of laying down the “I-will-try-hard-and-make-this-work” mentality and trusting that God who provided in the past will provide in the future. Idea of not one, but two, cribs being an expression […]