God sighting


The Bible point was, “God is everywhere… so we look for Him around us.” I told my Sunday school kids about my God sighting earlier that week: I was purchasing books online when I considered adding Knowing God by JI Packer to the cart — then decided against it because I should really finish the books I already have. “Another time,” I thought. The very next day was the first workday of the month. As I drove to work listening to a radio program I support, my jaw dropped as they announced their handpicked resource for this month – this very book. It was like the best kind of inside joke. It was like God telling me, “I see you, I’ve got you.” They usually pick recent releases but this time they were offering an updated version of the well-known classic. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Then because I already support the ministry, I got to request it for free!

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