Repost from November 2007

today has been a mellow and meaningful day.

the day started off at 9:30, when my alarm woke me, but if it had been yesterday, it would really have been 10:30.  chi was still asleep, so i stayed in bed for a while before i decided to get up.  ate a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast.  it was good.

the lighting in the apartment, the muted white tones of a mostly cloudy day against the closed window panes, and the cold that has been settling in recently reminded me of corona.  a sunday back from church.  when everything else is largely quiet, though you’d just spent the better half of the day surrounded by dozens and dozens of other people in a warehouse-converted-into-a-church, all of whom were freezing their butts off like you, because the place is just darn cold.

but now we’re home, parsons home, and i have stuy[vesant] homework to do.  it’s quiet without much talking.  there’s some snacking.  a slice of American cheese made from milk and a good source of calcium, is eaten top strip first, then by three-quarters inch squares.  the cabinet-slash-pantry opens, and the sound of wood upon wood rings with a hollow sound.  inside: a stack of paper plates bought on sale, leftover candy aging their way to perfection– it’s a shame i never took a picture of it because i would have liked to see it now.  like a mouse rummaging for food, says my mom.  she knows my habits well.

today my homework isn’t too hard, and i find some intellectual jewels in the assigned reading.  it’s cold enough that i run the warm water just a little longer when washing the dishes.

ny2ca 013

Kitchen in 65-77 Parsons Blvd. first floor, apartment e — that’s the pantry with door open, next to the refrigerator

-Christina =)

Rain’s also in the forecast for this weekend. There’s something about precipitation in Southern California that soothes and emboldens me; it’s as if the sun, typically relentless and brazen has become demure, hiding behind clouds and giving everyone else a chance to shine.

The library has always been a friend; I went there today as the vendors at the Farmers’ Market were leaving. I supported a local family-owned coffee shop with a purchase and walked to Hart Park. To me, walking is staking a claim in a particular time and space. Each step says, “I’m here, I’m here.”

Today has been a peaceful and quiet day.

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