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“Are you relying entirely on Jesus for your salvation, so that if you died this evening and stood before the bar of God’s judgment and someone said, “Why would you be welcome or why would you be acceptable to God,” you’re able to say, “Actually, myself I’m completely unacceptable to God, but because of all […]

Twelve baskets

While doing my BSF homework on Sunday I noticed something new. I was reading about Jesus feeding 5,000, and how when everyone was satisfied, the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces of bread and fish. I had read it many times before. This time, the number of baskets in Mark 6:43 stood out: […]

Look ahead

Looking back at this year… I started attending BSF and church. After staying away, I’m glad that Jesus came looking for that one sheep. After years of knowing God with my head I started to see with my heart. I realized how through the years I’ve tried to sincere my way to heaven; by that […]