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7 Things I Learned in December and in 2014

1. Whipping cream by hand takes at least 10 mins. It’s done by folding as much air as possible into the cream, and not by stirring quickly. You stop once the cream starts forming peaks. I also learned banana pudding is not the same as banana-flavored pudding, but it’s an actual thing with an actual […]

Some of my cooking exploits!: Chicken noodle soup a la Ree Drummond aka The Pioneer Woman; Banana bread in 8×4 loaf pan; Homemade sauce with tomato paste, water, red bell pepper, celery, parsley and more!; Mozz cheese and ketchup on toast with mushroom topping (this is a variation of the kind of homemade pizza i had while growing […]

Fun with Bundt

Nigella Lawson’s Banana Chocolate-Chip Tea Cake I’m not sure what makes it a tea cake rather than just a bundt cake, except maybe it ought to be enjoyed in smaller servings, but I found this recipe on nytimes (first published in 2004) and decided to make it for a tea party, I put too much buttermilk […]

Boy, was my face BEET red

I cooked a beet! Three, in fact. Boiled them, rubbed their skins off, and pureed them. I’m starting to think claims of staining may be exaggerated, though I washed my hands often and was extra careful not to let juice get on my clothes. Here are two ways I used them in recipes, 1) Chocolate Beet Brownies – Recipe […]

Broccoli Quiche

Finally made those pumpkin tarts and chili I’ve been eagerly awaiting!: Clockwise: Homemade chili, mashed potato not-quite-croquettes, cornbread muffins, salad, saltines, unsweetened iced tea. I used the recipe here: http://southernfood.about.com/od/groundbeefchili/r/50716b.htm. Hit the spot, I used half a can of chile peppers and it was pretty spicy. For me, pumpkin tarts are up there with cornbread as […]

Kale juice

kale, celery stalks, organic apples, small slice of ginger, limeade or lemonade, water… Liquefy kale first. Blend everything together. Stir in chia seeds. =D