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#preachinggospeltomyself I started the year reading A Hole in our Holiness by Kevin deYoung. Not only because it’s a resource from Alistair Begg, whose recommendations I respect, but because my word for the year was Abide. I wanted to strive towards holiness, and to that end, needed to draw close to God in order to […]


There’s a few books I’m working on reading right now (you can find my year-round reading list here). Whether you’re thinking about reading, have titles on your bookshelf waiting to be read, or are currently reading the same books, let’s cheer each other on? Kevin DeYoung – The Hole in Our Holiness Thomas Merton – The Seven […]

Immanuel–God with us in our nature, in our sorrow, in our daily work, in our punishment, in our death, and now with us, or rather we with Him, in resurrection, ascension, triumph, and Second Advent splendor. – From Spurgeon’s Morning by Morning This is what Christmas is fundamentally about; the birth of a man who […]

I read De Vez en Cuando: From Time to Time in preparation for Rick and Eunie Johnson’s visit this Sunday. He mentions in two major illustrations, the municipal trash dump and Grupo Mexico, how there is no ministry without discipleship; that is, it is more blessed to give, then along with giving ourselves, we must teach others […]

Brain poop

When they found a long line of ants trailing from the outdoor trashcan, they called the exterminator so he could sterilize the place clean. Never mind that someone should have taken out the trash before it rotted. Sometimes something can scare us so much we gut the entire project and it takes out the good […]

Sunshine and smiles

When I was younger, I used to get inspiration all the time to make arts & crafts, the scissor-construction paper-glue type kind. Now I have cardstock, yarn, and even a musical note hole puncher in my toolbox, but I rarely am inspired anymore. Boo and bullfrogs. (Who said that?) I once made a book after the […]

from Orthodoxy

If the miller’s third son said to the fairy, “Explain why I must not stand on my head in the fairy palace,” the other might fairly reply, “Well, if it comes to that, explain the fairy palace.” If Cinderella says, “How is it that I must leave the ball at twelve?” her godmother might answer, […]

Notes from Forgotten God

You can’t have repentance without also yielding to the Holy Spirit, though sometimes we want to have one without the other. Before Pentecost, baptism was with water, but after and even now, we receive the Holy Spirit when we are baptized. Don’t be too busy trying to figure out God’s will you forget to be […]