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Blogging is not dead

I follow where the words go. Not numbers, not images, but words. If you put a sign up with a caption, “Turn right,” and a big red arrow pointing to the left, I probably would turn right. Blogging has always been my way of adding a bit of myself to the world after the observation’s done and I’ve […]

Brain poop

When they found a long line of ants trailing from the outdoor trashcan, they called the exterminator so he could sterilize the place clean. Never mind that someone should have taken out the trash before it rotted. Sometimes something can scare us so much we gut the entire project and it takes out the good […]

A few good books

There’s one piece of advice for writers: write every day. I would modify that a bit to say it’s okay to read, too, even if you don’t get a chance to write, because reading is in itself like practicing writing. That’s how I discover new words or find out the cadence I like. In fact, […]