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What I Learned in 2015

I made some discoveries in 2015 that changed my life for the better. Cafe au lait. In my version at home, I brew half a cup of instant coffee and add almondmilk. Travesty, I know. Sharky’s Woodfired Grill. Oatmeal with honey and cinnamon. Did you know cinnamon has antioxidant properties? Latest bookmarked site: Mark Bittman’s […]

What I Learned in October

6 Things I Learned in October 1. Not only does Sharky’s have hip decor and appealing menu design, the food is tasty and organic. You know how people say they could eat Chipotle every day? Sharky’s is my Chipotle. I love their salsa bar. I’m a new fan! 2. I always thought I wanted a […]

7 Things I Learned in December and in 2014

1. Whipping cream by hand takes at least 10 mins. It’s done by folding as much air as possible into the cream, and not by stirring quickly. You stop once the cream starts forming peaks. I also learned banana pudding is not the same as banana-flavored pudding, but it’s an actual thing with an actual […]

5 Things I Learned in May

1. I can make chocolate chai tea latte in the comfort of my own home with Trader Joe’s Spicy chai tea latte mix and Nesquik, add some almond milk and all is Good! 2. There is a better way to live than planning, and that is by doing. 3. I found out from Flower Patch […]

4 Things I Learned in April

1. Beets are crunchy when they’re raw. I love the Cartwheel Salad at Stonefire Grill: the colors, the tastes, the textures. It’s got a mix of garbanzo beans, olives, beets, and other good stuff, topped with a yummy cilantro vinaigrette. I assumed the small lego-blocked beets came soft and sweet, that you would just slice open the […]

7 Things I Learned In January

1. I like it when it precipitates in LA. I’m not exactly sure why, but my mood lifts whenever it starts sprinkling or is overcast. I think it adds an air of demureness to a city that is usually unabashed in living life. 2. The job of an escrow officer, from what little I know […]